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Virtual Blackboard is a project of J.C. Productions, Inc. J.C. Productions is dedicated to helping average; everyday people succeed in life by offering life assistance to them in any way possible. We operate a number of community-based projects that offer a Spiritual and professional-based support system such as individual and family counseling, mentoring for children, and a provider of resources for families seeking assistance. We are based in Richmond, Virginia and registered with the Virginia Secretary of State as a non-stock corporation for the purpose of educational and community services.
J.C. Productions, Inc is owned and operated by an African American family who still believes in good will and service toward our neighbors, friends, and family. They have a social-religious background in child-rearing, community ministry, with education and business experience, such as private tutoring, foster care, and leading health, wellness and spiritual support groups. Our goal is to offer other families and their children the opportunity to gain the needed support and resources to survive in today's challenging social-economic environment.