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J.C. Productions, Inc. designed Virtual Blackboard to be a sanctuary to students who are increasingly facing the effects of the school-to-prison pipeline. The campaign is based on multiple national case studies that have challenged local authorities such as the school system, police departments, and courts, to reevaluate the way they handle student disciplinary problems. The ultimate goal is to design an intergovernmental agreement among the three entities that would decrease student suspension and incarceration. The common message being, "educate not incarcerate." It began as a grassroots campaign called The Free-To-Learn Project that challenged the local school districts of central Virginia to address the issue of student suspensions by lowering the rates, eliminating any forms of arrest made by law enforcement by challenging the "Referral to Law Enforcement" policy encoded into all Virginia school's student code of conduct handbooks.
The Free-To-Learn Project proposes to be a liaison between the schools and the police department that would address student behavioral problems at the root cause. Virtual Blackboard offers parents the option of removing their children from any school district that is practicing the stringent policies of the school-to-prison pipeline. We are not anti-government or authority, but we do believe that parents and children have a right to a safe educational environment free from violence, drugs, and possible imprisonment. Many children are suspended or expelled from the public school system for extended periods of time, causing them to fall behind their peers in schoolwork. Some children are even imprisoned in juvenile detention centers for months at a time crippling their chances for a normal education. Virtual Blackboard seek to reduce those statistics.