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Virtual Blackboard is an online homeschooling network for parents who choose to take control of their child's education. We offer a core-based curriculum for grades K-8 that meet the national standards of education, such as reading, writing and math along with three specifically designed curricula that supplement the core-based learning. Parents can choose from our Bible-based theme, our Afrocentric theme, or our secular theme. All three enhance learning by teaching the child to think critically and realistically about the world around them.
Our courses are not only online, digital-based, but we also offer correspondence text booklets, worksheets and hands-on learning exercises at the parents' request. We believe that children learn better when they are exposed to real life experiences from outside the classroom, as our lessons coincide with everyday life. The students and parents benefit from setting their own pace, which instills a sense of independence in students at an early age and also prepares them for the process of independent learning and the knowledge of today's expanding technological environment.