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Missouri dooms countless children to the school-to-prison pipeline

How Your Donations Are Used

The Free-To-Learn Project uses the donations to assist parents whose children have become victim to the school-to-prison pipeline. Many children are suspended or expelled from the public school system for extended periods of time, causing them to fall behind their peers in schoolwork. Some children are even imprisoned in juvenile detention centers for months at a time crippling their chances for a normal education.

Please return to visit Free To Learn often. We will keep you updated on news from around the country, updates on our progress, and victories you have helped us win in the fight for our children's rights to an education.

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Latest Updates

Free To Learn has requested school district suspension records from three (3) local school systems: Chesterfield, Henrico, and Richmond public school systems, and are waiting for responses.

Note: The Free To Learn Project request the following:

  1. We challenge you to lower the suspension rate to zero.
  2. We request 3-day suspensions (if suspension is absolutely necessary) instead of 10-day suspensions.
  3. We request mediation with the child and the childs parents before suspension.
  4. We request two (2) firm warnings before actual arrest.