Radio Broadcast

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The Free To Learn Project is on Internet radio in the local Richmond Va area and nation wide. Tune in to the broadcast by clicking the link to listen and engage in the school-to-prison pipeline discussion.

We discuss all topics relevant in the school-to-prison pipeline issue such as the following:

  1. What is the school-to-prison pipeline, how does it work
  2. What is the Zero Tolerance policy and where did it originate
  3. What are a student's rights and child rights
  4. Types of student behavioral problems
  5. What are school policies on handling difficult children
  6. The school handbook on discipline
  7. How suspension and jail effects a child's progress in academics
  8. Alternative positive solutions to negative behavior
  9. What is the police role in the schools
  10. How going from school to jail effects a child's mentality
  11. What types of punishments children face from the police and courts
  12. How parents, siblings, friends and families are effected
  13. How much court and incarceration cost tax payers
  14. Filling and funding privately-owned jails
  15. Current news on school shootings
  16. Causes of and curbing youth violence
  17. Bullying
  18. Case studies around the country
  19. The cycle of poverty
  20. Struggles and feelings of helplessness of the low-income
Listen to past shows from the podcast below.


Latest Updates

Free To Learn has requested school district suspension records from three (3) local school systems: Chesterfield, Henrico, and Richmond public school systems, and are waiting for responses.

Note: The Free To Learn Project request the following:

  1. We challenge you to lower the suspension rate to zero.
  2. We request 3-day suspensions (if suspension is absolutely necessary) instead of 10-day suspensions.
  3. We request mediation with the child and the childs parents before suspension.
  4. We request two (2) firm warnings before actual arrest.