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The Free-To-Learn Project, a subsidiary of JC Productions, Inc., out of Richmond Va., is currently asking for the financial support of parents, community activist and groups to help us protect our children, your children, against the school-to-prison pipeline.

Please, donate or refer resources of companies that would support our cause to our email address or GoFundMe Page for donations.

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General information

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School children as young as 5 years old are being unnecessarily suspended from school and many times charged with criminal acts and arrested for behavior that was at one time considered normal childhood conduct.

This process has become completely outrageous in many school districts around the country and is having not only a devastating affect on children, but on parents and families also. As a people in a highly sophisticated democracy, WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS IMMEDIATELY.

Please join us in our fight to challenge school districts, local authorities, and law makers around the country to return to simple common sense when dealing with our children. If we do not stop this insanity, we are only submitting to a new-age police state.

Tough Love In Disguise:

The Government's Psychotic War On School Children

indisguise (56K)If this were the year 1700 in Salem Massachusetts, I would be comforting my wife at our daughter's grave site after her witch-burning execution. If this were 1800 Alabama, my wife and I would be nursing the scars on my daughters back after her whipping from the master. And if this were the early 1900s, we would be attending the funeral of my daughter after her public lynching. However, this is the new millennium and we are rebuilding our daughter's confidence level after she was taken from English class and locked in juvenile detention overnight for defending herself in a fight at school. Punishment by social order is a timeless act but not all methods and reasoning behind that punishment has stood the test of time....[READ MORE]

Our Story

Hannah (355K)In March of 2012, our daughter, Hannah, a freshman at James River High school in Chesterfield County Virginia, was taken from school to the county juvenile center and kept overnight. She was charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault, 1 count of disorderly conduct, and 1 count assault on a police officer, which is a class 6 felony in the state of Virginia. She was sentenced to 1 month house arrest where she wore an ankle monitor and 26 weeks community service....[READ MORE]

Taking on Chesterfield County Va. Schools

School Suspension Policy
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Children Being Arrested
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Latest Updates

Free To Learn has requested school district suspension records from three (3) local school systems: Chesterfield, Henrico, and Richmond public school systems, and are waiting for responses.

Note: The Free To Learn Project request the following:

  1. We challenge you to lower the suspension rate to zero.
  2. We request 3-day suspensions (if suspension is absolutely necessary) instead of 10-day suspensions.
  3. We request mediation with the child and the childs parents before suspension.
  4. We request two (2) firm warnings before actual arrest.