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How does the online program work at Virtual Blackboard?

Students are initially assessed and placed into their appropriate grade level. The parents are the primary instructors by following the lesson plan. Virtual Blackboard instructors are available for guidance.

What types of courses are offered?

We offer the basics such as early reading and advanced literature, writing and grammar, mathematics, science, history, and social studies.

What are the technology requirements?

In addition to the basic computer and Internet service, for some courses you may need PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, a media player. If online courses in not an option we also offer text-book correspondence and hands-on work sheets at an additional cost, which includes shipping and handling.

Is there a certain time of the year to enroll and get started?

No. Virtual Blackboard enrollment is year-long and your student can begin anytime after enrollment.

How long are the courses?

The courses are set at an individual pace according to the student and parent's schedule. We do encourage the student to stay current on all assignments so they can keep up or stay ahead of their secular classmates.

Does Virtual Blackboard online program comply with State Law?

Yes. However, we encourage all parents to know their rights according to the state they abide. Each state have different rules although homeschooling is legal in all the United States and the Supreme Court considers homeschooling to be a fundamental right under the Court's concept of liberty. While this precedent does seem to favor educational choice, that choice is conditional on states setting standards specific to homeschooling.

How much does it cost?

Please review our prices at the following link.