Our Curriculum

From k-8 and Beyond Adulthood

Our Curricula Choices

Virtual Blackboard offers 3 specially designed curriculum choices tailored for our students. We understand that not all students learn at the same pace or at the same cognitive level so we have carefully analyzed the standards of education in today's schools and have determined that certain children need specific guidance into different directions. We concluded to divide the learning experience into 3 categories that would address all children in areas we feel would help them best. All 3 have the foundation of reading, writing, and math; including the traditional sciences, literature, and history lessons taught in schools today, except with expanded supplemental information.

Spiritual-based Studies

Our Spiritual-based Studies teaches the history of and current situation of the world's religions with the Bible at the core. It also teaches children about the existence and purpose of God in their lives as opposed to scientific theories pertaining to humanity's existence. We believe this is important to know because the world is a religious and spiritual world divided into cultures, traditions, and beliefs. We believe that children should grow to know and understand each of them and learn to coexist and tolerate all people from different parts of the world. In no way does our curriculum force any particular religious belief or attempt to convert a child against their will.

Afrocentric Curriculum

Our Afrocentric curriculum is tailored for various cultures in American society. Our initial aim is to educate and enlighten African American children to their history in America and of their stature in the world; and to help them exceed in critical thinking skills, cultural awareness and the concept of life in general, along with mastering all the core subjects. Many Black children grow under diverse life experiences and we believe they should understand their surroundings and have a more positive grasp on reality. We also extend our lessons to children of other continents in the world to learn to respect and appreciate their cultures and traditions. We offer an extensive library of Black history, African History and its current state, and lessons about other Afrocentric cultures around the world.

Secular Studies

The Secular curriculum is based on the American educational system for parents who would rather stay with a more traditional form of education. It is based on the theory of unit studies that focuses on one particular topic for a period of time. It teaches American and European history, American Civics lessons, and also offers an additional touch the traditional school system does not, but branches out to real life learning, such as financial discipline, home economics, and human relations. Our ultimate goal for homeschooling is to unschool children of the public school system from what they have been taught and expand their minds into a more reality-based lesson plan.