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Anthology Planning

Your blueprint for better planning    

Make institutional planning second nature with Anthology Planning, a leading learning assessment tool designed for higher education. Our centralized system connects all your most important data, allowing you to see all the individual pieces that make up the whole. With your eyes on the big picture, you can propel continuous improvement at all levels of your institution.

  • Collaborative workflows

  • Granular permissions with administrative controls

  • Gap analysis information

  • Progress monitoring dashboards

  • Customizable templates

  • Powerful integrations with other Anthology solutions
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Take your time back

Planning frameworks save you time, while personalized dashboards let you keep track of responsibilities and announcements at-a-glance through every phase of reporting. Know exactly where the gaps are in fulfilling your reporting requirements and what action to take to get back on track. Granular permissions let you maintain security, while customizable templates adapt to your organization structure and terminology. 

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Consolidate your data collection

Give fresh power to your data collection and reporting with a centralized, configurable experience. With a hub system that houses multiple frameworks and customizable templates, you can capture the data you need for administrative, academic, student affairs, and strategic plans—all in one location. 

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Level up your collaboration capabilities

Create the data transparency and fluency necessary to enhance your assessment efforts with key stakeholders. Share plans, reports, and documents according to type, year, or assessment cycle. In doing so, you’ll build buy-in and create the right conversations. 

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Align templates with standardized practices

Take advantage of a library full of pre-designed and importable assessment plans that will help you set up a proactive flow to document and improve annual processes. Created to collect key data for specific regional accreditation standards, these plans also display a real-time assessment cycle dashboard so you can effortlessly track your progress throughout your reporting cycle. 

Anthology’s Planning software offered our Division the tool needed to support building a sustained data-informed culture... It allowed us a mechanism to customize our reporting templates. Staff in up to 27 departments were able to easily enter their assessment plans and findings while connecting their work to larger priorities. As the assessment leaders, my office was able to navigate the product nimbly as we prepared information to share throughout the institution’s reaffirmation process.

Abbygail T. Langham, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Administrative Effectiveness
Auburn University
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