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Virtual Blackboard is an online Life-learning platform built by the community for people in the community. Our courses are spread from Kindergarten through 12th grade, to adult education and specialized self-help courses. We are dedicated to helping average; everyday people succeed in life by offering life assistance to them in many areas.

Parents can choose from our Spiritual-based studies, our Afrocentric studies, or our Secular studies. All three enhance learning by teaching the child to think critically and realistically about the world around them. We believe that children learn better when they are exposed to real life experiences from outside the classroom.

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Applicants for the Virtual Blackboard must meet a certain criteria. Please read and follow instructions to make the process fast and easy.


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Expand your knowledge base on any subject. Browse through our catalog of courses and choose one that best fit what you're looking for.

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Virtual Blackboard has a student and a parent network for both to communicate with our staff and each other. Please register as a user and enjoy.

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Stay up-to-date on homeschool news, laws, and changes. We also provide resources to links and information that can help in your learning adventure.

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